Sadly, Egypt loses Its Last Game in the FIFA Mondial 2018

In the green-walled hall, people gathered to watch Egypt play for the third time in FIFA World Cup 2018. There wasn’t much enthusiam in the place, but still remained the spec of hope that people held onto and that was to see Egypt play a really well-performed game.

On Monday 25, Egypt played for the third time in the FIFA Mondial 2018 against Saudi Arabia. According to CBS Sports, Egypt’s final match was a ‘friendly’ against Saudi Arabia.

Although it ended in favor of Saudi Arabia and in a disappointment to Egypt, it was still able to label the Goal Keeper Essam El Haday as the ”oldest player” in the World Cup. Sadly, this match was a disappointment to many since it ended with a 2-1 loss after taking an early lead.

People in the hall weren’t really excited to see this match precisely because they thought it wouldn’t promote or make Egypt eligible again to play in the World Cup. Yet, they still wanted Egypt to win the game in a way that would make them leave the Mondial with ”their heads held high”.

saudi 3
The matchscreening of Egypt’s third game in the FIFA Mondial 2018

I didn’t even notice the people as anxious and in such high spirits as they were when Egypt was playing its first game in the FIFA World Cup against Uruguay. Some in the hall would still cheer and scream but not as loud while others would just sigh, including myself.

The matchscreening of EgyptvsSaudi game in World Cup 2018

My two sisters looked a bit anxious while they were watching the game, although they were never interested in football games before. The only difference here is that this game was the first one my elder sister had watched for the FIFA World Cup.

I didn’t feel the time pass so fast as I wanted this match to be over in no time. I felt really bored and I basically had a bad feeling about it, that we wouldn’t eventually win. I didn’t even bother looking at the screen the whole time, I was either messing with my phone or playing with some kids around me. And Just as the match ended, I made my way to home with my sisters.




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