Final reflection: A course I would never forget.

This course has been really amazing, it added so much to my knowledge and developed my cognitive skills. It taught me how to think out of the box, it taught me not to run with the first idea, it taught me how to work with others when it comes to working in a group project and always defer judgement on any idea. This course has been really beneficial especially when it came to working on a specific project that demanded so much thinking, so many ideas that we had to converge and diverge. For instance, in module 1, our final project was about food wastes, how could solve this problem? As we learnt in this course that to think of a solution to any kind of problems, we first had to define it and then we start brainstorming ideas, we then had converge and diverge these ideas and come up with one idea of these that we can implement. We also had to do prototyping, the actual implemntaton of the idea and the final step was to pitch it. The second module was mainly based on playful learning, how could we actually make a certain game beneficial and not just for kids but for all other ages. We had one individual project and the other was a group project (the final project). The individual project was about creating my own game about any topic I like, I personally chose ‘anxiety’ as a base upon which I designed my game. I used google forum to design my game in a some sort of a survey. The final project was attained in a group work, we had to design one big game that we had to prototype in the library on campus. The game my group has designed was called the ‘dominoquotes’ inspired by he domino game. This game was really Amazing, so much effort has been put into it. Actually there hasn’t been one project that didn’t squire us to give it all we had whether in the first module or it the second module. I really loved this course and I’m not going to deny the amount of pressure that I had felt as the course was proceeding. Yes, I suffered a lot in this course when it came to working in a group project, because my mind isn’t that fast in rushing in ideas. However, this course has helped widen my horizons and taught me the accurate steps of thinking straight. Creativity is a process where you get to move from one step to the other to reach an accurate solution not randomly but properly, all the way from brainstorming to prototyping, pitching and implementing.

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